Hello Petal Planting Guide

Hello Petal Planting Guide

Hello Petal Cards are embedded with Swan River daisy seeds and are intended to be planted once read for an array of wildflowers to bloom. We believe the words inside a card are the most important component to a gift and with hello petal, your words of love will literally bloom.


Hello Petal Plant Guide

Watch me Bloom.

For best results, follow our simple guide below:

1. Fill pot with seed raising mix, add water and pat down.

2. Soak your hp. piece in water until completely wet and place on top of seed raising mix.

3. Very lightly cover with more seed mix and water, ensuring paper is slightly visible.

IMPORTANT: ensure paper stays moist and does not dry out.
This will allow the seeds to germinate through the paper.

4. Keep in a well-light environment. A sunny corner in your home is the perfect spot.

Germination should take 7-21 days.

Hello Petal Planting Guide

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